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The Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method is based on some of the scientific findings made over the past twenty-five years by J. David Sinclair Ph. D. in his research at the National Public Health Institute in Finland. Dr.Sinclair was born in the United States, but has lived and worked in Finland for the past 30 years. He was one of the first researchers to question the disease concept of alcoholism,and to document through experiments and animal studies that the act of drinking is in fact a learned behavior that becomes progressively stronger with repetition and experience. He was also one of the first to recognize how the medication Naltrexone can lead to an extinction (elimination) in the craving for alcohol. Using Naltrexone as a part of a medical treatment model was researched by Dr. Sinclair and he obtained patents for his work in Finland, the United States, and Japan. His method is currently being used throughout Europe with clinics in Finland, England, Russia, Belgium,Spain, and also in Israel. Dr. Sinclair is a consultant at New Era Assisted Recovery.

The basis of this unique approach is that no one is born an alcoholic. Drinking tends to be learned slowly, over a period of years. The brain produces natural opiates when alcohol is consumed and it is the act of releasing these natural opiates that produces the "high" or "buzz" or feelings of enjoyment. The brain begins to crave more and more alcohol. Simply stated, too much drinking leads to the production of excessive natural opiates. Over a period of time, it takes more alcohol to produce feelings of enjoyment. The brain begins to crave more and more alcohol. This process of drinking and craving can be reverse.

The Sinclair Method has reported first year success rates as high as 90% for people who want to control or moderate their alcohol consumption. Alcohol research suggests that there are four times as many problem drinkers as people who are labeled "alcoholics." The excessive use of alcohol wrecks more lives and destroys more families than all illegal drugs combined. It is estimated that alcohol consumption costs the US economy $185 billion dollars a year in medical expenses, lost wages, and lost productivity.

Admission criteria and protocol standards are followed before admitting a client into the Sinclair Method Treatment program. Since it is recognized that the Sinclair Method is not advisable for every person, New Era Assisted Recovery is introducing the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery. This program is used by selected clinics throughout the United States and Canada.

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Extinction occurs when alcohol is consumed while reinforcement is blocked.