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Dr. David Sinclair Visits Miami

New Era Health Center was honored with the visit of Dr. David Sinclair, the prestigious Senior Researcher from the National Health Institute in Finland, in June, 2003. He developed the Sinclair Method of Extinction, which has been proven effective to reduce or eliminate alcohol use.

New Era is the exclusive provider of his method in South Florida and was proud to sponsor an informative seminar conducted by Dr. Sinclair for a selected group of professionals in our community.

Attendees to this seminar had a unique opportunity to listen to Dr. Sinclair’s description of his method and the findings that provided a scientific base to the development of his exclusive treatment protocol. We all enjoyed his enthusiastic presentation and were delighted to learn about the success of his method in Europe, North America, and other parts of the world.

New Era Health Center in Miami and Neuro Behavioral Center in Sarasota are privileged to be exclusive providers of the Sinclair Method in the United States. The Sinclair Method offers a radical change in the treatment of alcoholism and opens new doors to a substantial number of people whose life are being affected by the use of alcohol. For more information about our program, please feel free to contact our center at (305) 559-8838.

Dr. David Sinclair's seminar took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel
in Coral Gables, Florida on June 17, 2003



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