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Assisted Recovery - Proven Therapy to Control Drinking
New Era Health center is the exclusive South Florida provider of the Sinclair Method, a treatment program for individuals who want to control, reduce or abstain from alcohol. The treatment program utilizes a medication called Naltrexone, which is the first medication to be approved by the FDA in over 40 years for use in the "craving" associated with excessive alcohol drinking. Clinics all over the world that have used Naltrexone as part of a therapy protocol have had some remarkable results. Learn more.
Our wide range of psychiatric services includes diagnostic assessments, prescribing and managing medication as well as monthly monitoring and supportive care. Our psychiatric staff is available 24 hours per day and arrangements for a psychiatric evaluation is never more than a phone call away. Our psychiatrist can evaluate the patient for the most appropriate level of care considering all factors i.e. living arrangements, family support, vocation and/or other determining factors.
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
PHP is an intensive program utilized in lieu of hospitalization or employed as a transition from inpatient psychiatric care. The partial hospitalization patient must be willing to attend groups for a minimum of 20 hours per week and participate actively in his or her own treatment. PHP serves to keep the patient safe within the confines of daily monitoring without the added stress of removing the patient from their living situation. Our unique specialty is the aging patient who faces the stress of losing their independence while coping with the unique problems encountered in the aging process.
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Our staff of licensed and licensed eligible clinician’s provides a wide spectrum of counseling services. We view our patients as a whole person treating him or her as part of a larger unit which is impacting his or her mental health. We offer individualized services such as marriage counseling, family therapy, individual therapy or whatever the most appropriate modality may be. In addition to counseling and /or psychotherapy we also provide parenting classes to aid parents to cope with the every day stresses of parenting as well as coping with an out of control child.
Substance Abuse Treatment
This is designed for patients 18 and older who are able to successfully maintain abstinence and sobriety while living in their own home and attending nightly sessions. New Era is licensed by the State of Florida’s Department of Children as a Substance Abuse Treatment facility. Our program is designed to treat problems associated with the dependency of any substances which is directly impacting the persona’s daily functioning. We specialize in treatment for the DUI offender working with him or her to approach and deal with their problem in a realistic and responsible manner.
Batterer's Intervention Program
Our Batterer’s Intervention Program is an educational process for men who batter based on the Duluth Model and rooted on its philosophical framework. Participants are encouraged develop a different kind of relationship with women based on nonviolent behavior. Our program is intensive, long-term, affordable, and reflective of the diversity of our community.
Anger Management Program
We offer a 12 weeks program carefully designed to assist clients in dealing more effectively with this emotion and to understand the nature of anger. Emphasis is made on developing strategies to control this emotion using effective methods that include cognitive restructuring, problem solving, relaxation, assertive communication, and humor.